DrawDown Parameters

The Drawdown Project is simple in structure. I will complete one self-portrait daily for a minimum of one year. Each day’s drawing, along with occasional thoughts on the process, will be posted online via this Drawdown blog.


  • The pieces that comprise DrawDown will be two-dimensional. However, I am not setting specific limitations on media. Perhaps I will work in pencil, charcoal, paint, pastel, Photoshop, or, heck, ear wax.
  • Even in the face of potentially diverse media, I would like the pieces to look linked. Thus, I am imposing a size restriction. Artworks can run 6”, 9”, 12”, 18” or 24” in length and/or width with a maximum size of 18” x 24″.
  • Each Saturday I will create an 18″x24″ drawing showing the full figure in three-quarters, front, side or rear view (one each per month). This will give me a regular measure of myself.
  • I will draw from life, but I place no limitations on how I chose to interpret what I see. One drawing may be a realistic portrait while the next is a stylized gesture drawing. I’m giving myself permission to play and experiment.
  • I seek to create a body of work that is, essentially, a visual diary. Therefore, the recording of moments is more important than the precise finish of each drawing. With that in mind, I will battle valiantly against my pervasive perfectionism (that pesky quality that whispers infinity is necessary to properly finish any artwork). Drawings will be posted regardless of whether I feel they are wholly successful. This will doubtless be the biggest challenge for me in the project.


  • Daily record a state of being
  • Regain a healthy physicality and/or healthy body-image.
  • Sharpen skills rendering from a live subject.
  • Explore different media and working methods.
  • Maintain thematic focus in a long-term project.
  • Explore conceptual development in a long-term project.
  • Successfully maintain a visual and written record of a long-term project.
  • Emphasize process instead of result.
  • Connect with an audience in a public forum.
  • Continually enhance my sense of joy and play in art making.

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